Create their own happiness philosophy of life of their own!

Life is so beautiful. All the tortures make you braver.

Introduction on SatDharma Courses

SatDharma Courses forge golden keys to the seven facets of your life, including health, wealth, emotions, interpersonal relationships, family, spirituality, and self-growth.

With the keys to the Big Data, you can have your dreams come true and enjoy a smooth life.

Our promises

When you are puzzled, we are here to help you transcend your predicament with grace.

When you encounter any challenge or impact, we are here to help you stay aware and be courageous to penetrate your imprints and agony.

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Through simple life and emotion management, you can learn how to purify your consciousness by yourself, how to restore your life, and how to live in harmony.Even when you confront the downs in your life, you can still show your confidence and face your challenge elegantly.

Most importantly, you can fulfill the life you expect and feel blessed every single day.

Why do we choose SatDharma Institute?

SatDharma Institute has abundant teaching experiences of over 14 years.

SatDharma Institute offers interactive courses, which combine all the merits of all the spirituality courses.

SatDharma Institute has been training elite teachers, who have their own specific and unique teaching styles.

SatDharma Institute has held hundreds of courses and assisted tens of thousands of people changing themselves in seven aspects of life. Moreover, courses are all held in a very high-energy and natural retreat to help the participants explore deeper about themselves.

SatDharma Institute exclusively offers life-long learning programs.

What can SatDharma Institute do to help you solve your problems?

When you desperately need help, love must be with you……

Feedbacks from the participants……

Satisfying financial status


I am no more bogged down by difficulty
and I have found my goal and future!
——by Zhen

A wish come true

I used to pick an easy path. But after finishing the courses,
I eventually know I should pick the path that suits me and go forward.
——by Bao-Yuan

Good health

I almost lost my life,
but now everything in my life turns to be so clear and worthwhile.
——by Yun-Zhi

Wonderful business

A man who loves his career loves his family even more.
——by Fu-Hi

Perfect family


Actually, parents really need the care from their kids,
and I believe the kids also need the love from their parents.
—— by Pei-Qi

At ease

Actually, it is not so difficult to let go.
——by Xun-Liang

Golden sayings

聖達瑪學院,Satdharma Institute,認識自我,自我成長課程,自我成長 課程,性靈課程,mind course


Each lesson is an epitome of your life.The occurrence of a symptom is actually the crystallization of life.

聖達瑪學院,Satdharma Institute,認識自我,自我成長課程,自我成長 課程,性靈課程,mind course


In my lifetime, there is one thing that I am most proud of, which is—-I never give myself up no matter how feeble and fearful I am.

聖達瑪學院,Satdharma Institute,認識自我,自我成長課程,自我成長 課程,性靈課程,mind course


Sometimes, your left foot is tripped by none other than your own right foot.

聖達瑪學院,Satdharma Institute,認識自我,自我成長課程,自我成長 課程,性靈課程,mind course


Each lesson is an epitome of your life.The occurrence of a symptom is actually the crystallization of life.



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